Your key to a stress-free holiday season

"I love the present moment, now, more than I love anything." Sri Chinmoy

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We sure did. Tons of family and food and love. A perfect way to celebrate all the good news.

What good news?!?! If you missed last week's newsletter, I announced that Jason Mraz is our newest investor and that we're going into production very soon! It's definitely an exciting time here at Shift Bars.

And while excitement is an amazing thing, sometimes it invites its cousin, overwhelment, to the party. Feeling like you have to get everything on your to-do list done TODAY. I know he's stopped by a few times at my house this past week.

So I've been really purposeful about practicing my tried-and-true remedy for feeling swamped...presence. 

I know that word gets thrown around a lot, especially in the spiritual and metaphysical circles where you may roam. But what does it really mean?

For the last few months, I've been diving into an exploration of what it means to be present. You see, with our launch timeline up in the air and some health issues I was dealing with, I took a big step back to reconnect with myself.

I read Eckhart Tolle. I watched videos from his wife, Kim Eng. I stared out of windows for long chunks of time. Things I normally would've considered myself too busy to do.

And slowly but surely, I felt my insides unwind. At first, it happened for brief moments when I stopped thinking. It felt like the racing car in my head down-shifted. Time slowed down and I felt something breathing me deeply.

Over time, the effect has been cumulative. The overriding stress that had grown to feel normal started to subside and I felt lighter in my soul, my spirit more free.

Now that we're back on the launch track, my biggest priority is to keep that sense of stillness within me as we go. My calendar will fill up more, but that doesn't mean my thoughts get to regain control.

Because focusing on the present moment, taking time to stare out a window every so often, that's what feeds my creativity and my heart. And I know that will create more amazing discoveries and ideas along the way.

Presence - it's your antidote to holiday stress.

So here are some simple ways for you to snap back to the present this holiday season:

  • Focus on your food - don't read, watch TV or look at the computer while you're eating (this one has been a game-change for me and my tummy);
  • Do your b'ness alone - don't your phone into the bathroom with you (you know you've done it!); and
  • Simple stare - did you know that look out more than 20 feet relaxes your eye muscles? We weren't design to do so much "close work" like reading and looking at a computer screen. So take short breaks during the day.

What's your favorite way to stay present? Meditation? Watching an animal play? Singing to your child? Please share it on the Shift Bars Facebook page. Your peace will multiply in others...

Ahhhhhh, Emily