Which season is it for you?

"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens." Ecclesiastes

"I'm beginning to think that there really are seasons to life, and I just need to listen to and follow mine," my friend said as we stood by the fire pit. It was one of those delicious warm January nights we get here in Asheville from time to time, and we were making the most of it.

This was the same friend who in the last year I've watched go through a divorce, a business break-up, a move, and most recently, the launch of her first solo project. In short, her last year's been a doozy. But she's handled it like a champ, so I asked to her elaborate.

"I'm no longer rushing myself through things. If I feel like watching 30 episodes of the Mindy Project, I'm going to do it and enjoy it. But my body always tells me when I'm ready to do more."

She's so right. It took me so long to realize that simple fact of life, but it's true - there is indeed a rhythm and flow to life that is constantly changing. And if we're going to enjoy this ride of our lifetime, we gotz to go with the flow. CLICK TO TWEET

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Thinking about our conversation later, I identified 3 stages and how best to rock each one:

1. Things aren't going so great - We've all been there, and we'll all be there again: those times in our lives where everything seems like it's falling apart around us and there's nothing we can do to stop it. So my advice is...stop trying. Realize that things coming to an end, even crumbling, is a natural part of life, and it always means that the universe is making room for something new and amazing to come into your experience. So release the reins, be gentle with yourself, practice some serious self-care, and know that whatever it is, it's not a permanent state. You will be happy again soon.

2. A light at the end of the tunnel - You've been down for awhile but you're starting to feel some energy come back into your body, mind, and soul. You're getting ideas of actions to take, things you'd like to do, and people you'd like to meet. When that happens, follow that inspiration - it's happening for a reason. The universe has been lining up cooperative components for you and it's time to rendezvous with them. Go in whatever direction is most exciting to you, even if it makes no logical sense. Who knows? Maybe your next romantic or business partner is in that pottery class you're suddenly drawn to...

3. Riding high - You know the feeling - like you can do no wrong and all you touch turns to gold. OK, maybe it only lasts for a day, but who cares, it was awesome! When you're in the zone, go with it!!! Talk about what's going well for you, what you're excited about and why. When something amazing happens, milk it. For days. This will anchor that high vibe in your body and call in even more experiences that will match it. Just know that this too shall pass. So remember to treat yourself and others with respect and compassion, because no one wants to be the guy who became a jerk when his ship came in.

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Which season are you in right now? Are you excited about its end, or trying to keeping it going? Come on over to the Shift Bars Facebook page and tell me all about it.

And remember what I'm knowing for you: that no matter what's going on, you're in the perfect and right place for what your soul is working on, and it's all going to work out...

Turn, turn, turn,