Top 3 lessons from 2 dead guys

I have to be honest with you - I had a completely different message ready to share with you today but changed my mind at the last minute. Have you ever done that? But I had to - when inspiration strikes, you gotta take it! Last night, I was fortunate enough to see a preview performance of my friend's play, Amadeus (nice perk of having actor friends!) I had seen the movie years ago but had never seen the play, so I was very curious and excited. If you haven't seen either, Amadeus is a fictionalized account of the lives of the composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri. The story depicts Salieri as a scheming, conniving character who uses his connections to keep Mozart from rising in the music world. Salieri is both in awe of and insanely jealous of Mozart, going so far as to declare war on God for blessing his adversary with such talent. "Amadeus" literally means God's love or love of God, and the story examines the blessings and curses of God-given talent, or the lack thereof. At one point in the play, Salieri describes himself as "the patron saint of mediocrity". What does this have to do with Shift Bars, you ask? Well, three huge "aha" moments hit me while watching that I think are universal to us all: 1) Jealousy is a killer. Have you ever seen someone who has what you want - and you could literally feel yourself turning green? I know I have. It feels terrible, like you'll never be good enough or get what you want, because it's already taken. But the Universe is overflowing with abundance. No one can take what's yours, just as you can't get what's theirs. The gift of jealousy is that (a) it makes it clear what you want in this world - be it a relationship, a job or a body condition; and (b) it proves that it can be yours, because someone else already has it. So feel the jealousy, recognize it for what it is, and then turn your focus on what steps you need to take to achieve your dream. That green'll be fading in no time! 2) Good is the enemy of great. In the play, Salieri says, "Goodness is nothing in the furnace of art." I heard that and almost fell over in my seat. For so much of my life, my mission was to be good. I wanted to please people and do things right. But being good never fulfilled that nameless need in me, and I always felt I had to do more. When I realized that I was following other people's definitions of "good" instead of my own, I started doing things that made me happy. I definitely ruffled some feathers, but my life blossomed in a magical way. So forget what others say and fill your furnace with passion - your life will become a work of art... 3) Life's too short for mediocre. Have you ever played small? Given less than your best? If you answered "yes" to either of those, I am right there with you. But it is never too late to be great. Mozart only lived to the age of 35 but here we are, hundreds of years after his death, still playing his music. That is because, while he was here, he lived full out and made the most of his God-given talents. So whatever your gift is, share it now and share it full out. You owe it to yourself and to the world. As for me, I cannot wait to share my gift of Shift Bars with you as soon as I can. While you wait for them (and they are SO worth the wait!), follow us on Instagram. We share awesome photos and quotes that will brighten your day and bring a smile to your face. And who doesn't want more of that??!? You rock me like Amadeus, Emily