To gain or not to gain?

This week I had a huge revelation... I don't want a six-pack anymore. Earth-shattering, I know, but hear me out:) Ever since I was in middle school, I have chased the ideal body. Like many people, especially women, I never thought my body was "good enough" and always compared myself to other people (usually coming out on the losing side). Over the years, I have tried everything to lose weight, from the good (raw vegan) to the bad (Slim Fast anyone?) to the ugly (bulimia). I have yo-yo'd from weighing 185 pounds and wearing a size 14 to weighing 128 and wearing a size 4 - and everything in between. In fact, when I discovered raw food in 2007, I told everyone how it helped me heal from my many illnesses. But secretly I was more jazzed by the fact that I was dropping weight while eating cashew ice cream for dinner every night! Then I met my boyfriend Lucas. He follows the Primal Diet (i.e., mainly raw animal foods like grass fed meat, pasture-raised eggs, raw dairy and honey as well as green juices). Now before you say "Ewww!" like I first did, remember this is a judgement-free zone, meaning we all get to choose what works best for us. Lucas credits the Primal Diet with turning his health around and I have personally witnessed how vibrantly healthy he is over the past three years. I bring Lucas up because, while I have no plans of ever going Primal, I have picked up a few pointers from watching him - one of which is "Fat is good." Now I grew up in the 80's, the heyday of the Low Fat craze. So making peace with eating lots of fat took some time to get used to, but I am a huge believer now. Of course, the key is eating the right types of fat, like avocados and coconut (and Shift Bars!). But while I could intellectually understand that my body needed fat, secretly I still longed for that zero-fat body type. Until last week... I talked with a fitness model who told me that while he maintains his ripped physique, he honestly doesn't feel as good as when he is carrying around a little more fat. And looking back, it dawned on me that that has been my experience as well. The next day, as I was doing my workout DVD with Autumn Calabrese (queen of the six-pack), I suddenly realized I no longer wanted her body. I realized I really like where I am (currently a healthy, muscular size 4/6 with a little tummy:). And I realized it was OK to let go, even if only temporarily, of the goal to be "perfect" because now I had a new goal- to feel as good in my body as possible. For some, a six-pack is what they want. And God bless- I am not here to convince anyone to carry excess body fat (although some studies show it can actually be healthier for us to do so). I am only saying that it is OK for us to let go of or shift a long-held desire if it no longer works for us. That's the cool thing about being human - we are constantly sifting through contrast to determine what it is we most want out of life. To change our minds is expected but not always easy. But when we accept it as normal, changing course gets easier and easier and life flows all the better. What about you? Have you ever wanted something for a really long time, only to have changed your mind? Did it happen gradually or in an instant? Come over to our Facebook page and share your story. Who knows- it could give someone out there the permission to put down something that is no longer in their highest good. And that is always a good thing... To shifts in perspective, Emily