Time to come clean...

"Your best changes from moment to moment, sick or well, tired or rested. Remember that you are an imperfect human being. There is no value for judging yourself for 'failing' - and no truth to it either." 
Miguel Angel Ruiz
What’s up, Shifters?!?!? After two weeks of being away, it’s so good to connect with you again. But... Confession time. Yes, I was on vacation the past two weeks. No, it was not voluntary. You see, I had an ulcer. And instead of popping some pills or downing some Pepto-Bismol for it, I decided to take the natural approach - which meant a lot of rest, cabbage juice, and deglycyrrhizinated licorice (say that one 5 times fast!) A big part of me wanted to heal and come back without saying a thing. Why? Because I was embarrassed. Embarrassed that with all my knowledge of nutrition and spirituality, I got an ulcer. Embarrassed that it’s not my first. Embarrassed that so many people know my story of healing from ulcerativecolitis, they’d now think I was a fake. And so on. Isn’t funny how our minds come up with ways to judge ourselves and thus keep us disconnected from each other? Instead of trusting my peeps to have my back and send me healing vibes, I wanted to hide out while I “handled it.” Those thoughts are nothing new to this recovering perfectionist. I used to have them constantly. Which is probably why I was so sick for so long the first time. This time around, I quickly recognized them for what they are - lies. Because I now know that it isn’t a spiritual failing to get sick. CLICK TO TWEET Rather, this temporary health hiccup was an opportunity for me on so many levels. To rest up and utilize all the self-care practices I've learned throughout the years. To gear up emotionally for all the amazingness that is coming (more on this in future emails). To appreciate that my body heals itself when given the right tools. To look deeper into some fears that ulcers can signify (gotta give a shout-out to Louise Hay for her groundbreaking work You Can Heal Your Life, which is my go-to when things like this come up). To be grateful that this episode lasted two weeks instead of 10 years. And finally, to know that the people in my life don’t judge me, they love me. Unconditionally. Because that’s what true friends do.
So I'm back and rarin' to go - full of ideas, excited about what's to come, and grateful for each moment that led me here. And for you. Ever judge yourself for getting sick, having an accident or some other sign of humanness? What got you out of the self-condemnation loop?
Please share your experience over on on Facebook page. Because when we realize we’re not the only ones who do it, it's  so much easier to get back on track. Laying down my gavel, Emily