The time for feminine power is now...

"There's no force equal to a woman determined to rise." 
W.E.B. Dubois

Lately, I've been all about the feminine.

It all started a few months ago when I was drawn to a free online course about OM'ing (aka, orgasmic meditation). The course and the practice itself have blown me away.

Next, I read an incredible book called Diana, Herself by Martha Beck. It's the story of a seemingly average woman discover who she really is and what powers she wields in the world.

Then a few weeks ago, I saw an incredible documentary called Embrace. Taryn Brumfitt's film uncovers why poor body image has become a global epidemic and what women everywhere can do to love and accept themselves.
And finally, last week I received my copy of Regena Thomashauer's new book,Pussy: A Reclamation in the mail. A revolutionary manifesto of how women need to reclaim that word - as well as our innate magnificence - in order to save the world.
Pretty perfect timing given our recent political landscape, I'd say.

But this goes so much deeper than politics.

It's how we as a society (men, women, and children alike), are starving for the Divine Feminine - that loving energy that embodies emotion, compassion, intuition, creativity, empathy, collaboration, and spirituality.

On the other hand, the Divine Masculine embodies analytic and rational thinking, competition, determination, and action.

We all have both the masculine and feminine inside of us, so this isn't a Men versus Women thing. The masculine and feminine just bring different energies and strengths to the table. And for the last few thousand years, the masculine has dominated, and unfortunately gotten way out of balance.

I can see it when I look at our planet being treated like a commodity and/or a trash can.

I can see it in the eyes of exhausted mothers who are told they need to "have it all" without being given the support they need.

I can see it in young girls who feel "less than" the boys in ways they can't even articulate.

And it needs to shift. We need to bring the balance back for all our sakes.CLICK TO TWEET


So I challenge you to ask yourself - what can you do to balance the energies in yourself? In your family? At your workplace? The resources I mentioned above are a great place to start, but there are tons more where those came from...

Please continue the conversation on the Shift Bars Facebook page - this is a juicy topic, so I expect a lot of comments!

Woman up,