The key to effective action

"When you're not having fun, you're sorta missing the point." 

I used to work way too hard. By age 25, I had finished 3 years at a top-tier law school and was working 60-80 hours a heels.

I burned out, big time. By 27, I had been fired from my first firm because I was too sick to work those hours anymore. By 30, I was taking 25 pills a day.

So it's understandable that a part of me would be scared of ever working too hard again.

In the years since I left the law field and moved to Asheville, I've judged myself at times for being lazy. Like, because I was no longer working 8-12 hour days, I didn't deserve to be successful. Maybe you can relate?

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But that no-fun, workaholic attitude isn't how the world was set up to work. Sure, there's a time for focus, but it should never be at the cost of your joy. Because when you're in alignment with your highest self (the one who knows life is supposed to be good for you), everything you do is more fun and turns out better. 

Think about it: if you were 100% certain that you were going to succeed in whatever you're working on right now - whether it's raising your child to be a stellar human being, breaking your office's annual sales record, or getting back to your high school belt size - wouldn't you chill out and enjoy yourself a lot more along the way?

You don't need a time-traveling DeLorean to prove it all works out in the end; the Universe is actually set up to bring you what you want. The reason it doesn't always feel that way is because we're usually blocking our good with fear and doubt. Then, since nothing's changing, we think we have to work super hard to make something happen.

Ironically, when we let go is exactly when the energy starts to flow and help pours in. Creating Shift Bars has reminded me of this time and time again. When I feel pressure to make this a success, do it perfectly and do it all myself, my energy plummets and my motivation drops. But when I trust that everything is working out, I feel a surge of energy and creativity, fun collaborators appear, and it seems easy to fly thorough my to-do list.

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I'm not saying to immediately stop doing all the things that aren't fun in your life. The key is to know that you can make anything more fun and when you do, you'll actually be more effective. Are your work meetings beyond boring? Brainstorm ways to make them more enjoyable and share them with your boss. Gotta clean the house for company? Throw on some tunes and make it into a dance party. Going to protest a politician? Focus on all the cool new people you'll meet instead of what you're mad about.

Because why are we here on this planet having this human experience if not to enjoy it as much as possible? CLICK TO TWEET

What's something you're ready to inject a little fun into? Or what's one task you already livened up a bit? Tell us all about it on our Facebook page. Here's a hint - I love ideas for songs to clean to!!!