The Healing Properties of Meditation

I hope this message finds you well. I’m enjoying my last week in San Diego for a while and really soaking it up (literally and figuratively)!

Is there something that everyone says you should do that you resist? Something that’s good for you, that you know would probably benefit you in some way, but still you won’t do it?

For the longest time, I had two - meditation and journaling.

I knew they were “good for me.”

I knew so many people who swore by them.

I also knew I hated doing them.

Being the big believer I am in the Law of Attraction and knowing how powerful our vibe is in attracting what we want in life, I knew I had two choices. Either (1) start meditating and journaling, or (2) release any guilt, shame or embarrassment I had about not meditating and journaling.

That’s right - whatever your “should” is, you gotta either line up with doing it or line up with not doing it in order to be happy and let in all the goodness you’ve been asking for. It’s when we do things we don’t believe are good for us or when judge ourselves for not doing what we believe to be good for us that we trip ourselves up and block what we want.

So recently I decided to give meditation one last try. As you may know, I signed up for an online course called Ziva Meditation (FYI, I don’t make any money for referring people to Ziva, I just love it). I’d been meditating on and off for almost a decade so I figured if it didn’t teach me anything new, I could return it.  

Throughout the course, I realized I’d been meditating incorrectly the whole time. In classic Emily-style, I’d been trying too hard to make something happen instead of just allowing meditation to be a time of rest for my body and mind. This was a result of being told when I started meditating that the tension in the front of my head was a good thing. It was a “psychic headache” that meant I was activating my third eye and it was only a matter of time before I had a huge awakening.

What a crock.

Rather, I’d been activating my prefrontal cortex with thoughts and what I was feeling was stress. Not really a good thing to have during a destressing practice!

I also had been confusing “mindfulness” with “meditation”. Mindfulness (i.e., listening to guided meditations or actively thinking about present moment) is a great tool, but it ain’t meditating. Meditating is quieting your mind so that you can rest and allow in inspiration from Source.

The best way I’ve found to do this I learned from Abraham-Hicks - just find a constant white noise in the room and focus on it for 15-20 minutes. I use my air purifier, but you can use an air conditioner or even download an app that creates white noise sounds. If you just focus on the sound, eventually you will pick up on a subtle rhythm that will lull your left brain to sleep and allow your right brain to activate. This creates all sorts of yummy bliss hormones, relaxing your body and blissing you out.

There are a bunch of other tricks of the Buddha trade I learned in the Ziva course but I don’t want to give it all away. Needless to say, learning how to meditate properly was a game-changer for me. Nowadays I meditate twice a day every day, where it used to be a huge struggle for me just to do it once. And I LOVE it! I look forward to it and on the few times I’ve missed my afternoon meditation (twice in 6 months), I’m bummed.

Why two meditations, you ask? Simple. The morning one releases the stress from the previous day while the afternoon one starts releasing the backlog of stress you’ve been  accumulating your entire life. Anyone else got a big-a$$ backlog or is that just me? Now, it can take years to work through the backlog, but the time’s gonna pass anyway, so you might as well start now.

I could write a thousand articles on the benefits of meditation, as many people before me have already done. But my favorite benefit? How it just chills me the f$@* out. It’s subtle, but over time, things just don’t bug you as much as they used to.

Traffic jams aren’t that big a deal.

You don’t want to kill your annoying co-worker anymore.

When your kid spills juice all over the table, you laugh instead of losing blowing up.

Over time, these subtle shifts translate into you being a happier person and people like being around you more. Hell, you like being around you more!

You also become more attuned to the voice of inspiration. Although it’s impossible to permanently quiet your mind, once you get better at it during meditation, you’ll start to get thoughts from your Inner Being about actions you can take that will lead you closer to your dreams. They may seem small or unrelated, but take them and see how they lead you, step-by-step, to things you’ve always wanted.

Why does that happen? Because you’ve raised your vibe on a consistent basis, your now more of a match to what you’ve asked for and so it can more easily flow into your experience. Maybe you get that promotion, or get asked out by a hottie, or you notice you feel better in your body.

I’ve noticed such a difference in my health, my mood and the results I’m getting in my life over the last 6 months. I attribute the bulk of the credit to meditation.

So what do you have to lose? It’s easy (you just sit there), it’s free, and it works. Sounds like a no-brainer to me - HA! Get it!?!?!

Who knows? Maybe journaling’s next?...NAH!!!!