See why I'm one proud mama...

"Be impatient enough to start going after your dreams now but patient enough to watch them manifest." Matthew Donnolley 

As you may know, I don't have any children. I remember going babysitting for the first time when I was twelve and walking out a few hours later completely certain that I wasn't meant to be a mother this time around. Who knows? Maybe I hit my quota in previous lifetimes :-)

It's not that I don't like kids - I do. Kids are amazing - so full of energy and honesty and creativity. It's just that I realized from a very early age what a massive commitment becoming a parent would be, and I knew I wanted to focus on other things.

And I really love to sleep!

If you're a parent, my hat's off to you. I can't imagine the work it takes to raise cool, conscious individuals in this day and age, so you're my hero.

And if you're childfree like me, then I know you create life in your own way. There are many ways to birth something into this world besides having kids. For me, that way is Shift Bars.

So imagine my giddy delight when our VP of Innovative Growth, Michael, sent me pictures of the manufacturing trial runs last week...

I honestly feel like I'm going into labor after 3 years of being pregnant. And am I ready!!!

It's been a great reminder that all things happen in Divine timing. When I want something, my job is to do the best I can each day, keep my thoughts positive and expectant, and then let go of my attachment to "when" it happens.

Looking back, if I would've launched right away, there are so many lessons I would've missed along the way that have helped me so much. So I know this is the perfect time. 

Did you ever want something so bad that didn't come right away, but when it finally did, it was that much sweeter? Please tell me your story on our Facebook page. You may just inspire someone to let go and allow something in that they've been waiting for.

It's on its way, Emily