My TEDx Talk!

"In her estimation, being seen and not heard was highly overrated." 

It's finally here...the video of my TEDx Talk!

I couldn't wait to share it with you, as it was such an incredible experience. Being given the opportunity to share my story and steps for shifting your life was like a dream come true.

So without further adieu, here you go! CLICK TO TWEET


I learned so much preparing for, giving, and watching this talk, like that:
  • our stories have power, even if our monkey minds tell us otherwise;
  • being perfect is not the most important thing...being authentic is;
  • to chill out and enjoy the journey, or the destination is not going to be as fun as it could be; and
  • I can always find things to improve for next time.
Part of me didn't feel ready for this opportunity. I saw myself giving a TED Talk in a few years once I had accomplished more with Shift Bars. But now I know this was simply my first big talk and I'm really excited for more in the future.


I hope you enjoy the video and that it inspires you. And please share this one with your friends and family - it would mean the world to me!

I'll be sharing a link on our Facebook page as well, if that makes it easier for you to spread the word...

TEDx'ing to you,
PS- The whole Shift Bars family wishes you and yours a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. May we all remember the selflessness that inspired this holiday and bring our own version to the world tomorrow...:-)