Laughing Frog

“It's so on!" Emily Shaules

Lucas and I were lucky to enough to spend 10 days recently at my friend's home while they were away. We watched over their cats and dogs, as well as their tomato plants and greenhouse.

The estate is called Laughing Frog, and at night, you know why. Frogs from their huge pond croak so much, it actually sounds like they're laughing.

The place is heaven. Hundreds of acres of private land and hiking trails, a gorgeous mansion and caretaker's cottage, and even a chemical-free hot tub. To say that it was hard to leave is a massive understatement. Just take a look at the view!


For sake of my friend's privacy, I won't share any other pictures. Suffice it to say, ten days in such an abundant setting rubbed off on us.

We played the "as if" game while we were there... as if we were the owners of such a beautiful home.... if we soak away our cares every night in a hot tub... if it's normal for us to go days without hearing cars, seeing concrete, or feeling the stress of others.

And boy, did it work.

As my teacher Abraham-Hicks says, "You cannot receive vibrationally something your are not a vibrational match to. And so, bless those who are finding abundance. And in your blessing of them and their abundance, you will become abundant, too. But in your cursing of their abundance, you hold yourself apart from it. It is a law - it is a powerful law."

Less than a week after arriving at Laughing Frog, I had a meeting with my CEO and our seed investor. And our seed investor decided to become our main investor!!

Yes, that's right, Shift Bars are on their way!!! CLICK TO TWEET

It will take several months to iron out the details and produce the first batch, but we are coming, world!!!

After two years of building this company and idea from the ground up, I couldn't be more thrilled than to share these amazing bars with you. The amount of personal shifting I've had to do to be ready for this next step has been beyond valuable. 

I've had to up my game in terms of abundance, leadership, belief in myself, just to name a few. I'm so not the person who started this journey!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 3.12.05 PM

But Emily, you ask, what if you don't have access to a posh estate to raise your abundance vibe? According to Abraham, it's all good : "If you can't vibrationally match it through what you're observing, no problem. Vibrationally match it through imagination."

So please keep checking your inbox each week for more updates. And share on our Facebook page what "as if" you're going to imagine for the next week. I can't wait to hear about all the goodies that manifest as a result!!!!

Ready, set, go!