In which direction are you heading?

First of all, I want to sincerely thank you for all the wonderful messages of love and support I received after last week's newsletter. To know you have my back means so much to me, you have no idea! Lucas and I spent our last week together (at least for now :) having amazing adventures and exploring parts of Asheville that we have never seen before. Ever live in a city for a long time, only to realize once you're moving that you didn't see so many things that you had wanted to? Well, we made sure that didn't happen this time. Our grandest adventure happened just yesterday on Lucas' last day here. We went to Navitat, an amazing ziplining outfit just outside the city. It was something I'd wanted to do ever since I moved here, and it was so special to share it with him. It was also a perfect metaphor. We are both taking off for the next step in our journeys with lots of fun and enthusiasm. The experience, and this whole last week, really got me thinking about momentum. One of my spiritual mentors, Abraham-Hicks, says that our thoughts start gaining momentum after only several seconds. Meaning that if you think a thought long enough, eventually other thoughts like it will join it. So if you start with a positive thought, other positive thoughts will join it, and soon you will have started momentum in a positive direction. Don't believe me? Ever gotten out of bed in the morning and immediately stubbed your toe? How well did the rest of your day go? Probably not so great, because you started down a negative thought path and other negative thoughts came to the party. Sure, you can always turn things around, but my point is that it is so much easier to build positive momentum if you start early and stick with it a bit. Click to Tweet Lucas and I have been testing this phenomenon all week. When one of us would get a sad look on our face, the other could tell we were thinking about our eventual goodbye. We would immediately say, "Be here now," which would stop the momentum of that thought. Instead of culminating in tears, we would find ourselves back in the present moment, focusing on all the amazing time we still had left. Instead of missing what precious moments we had left worrying about the future, we could enjoy each other in the now. "But Emily, I'm not perfect - what happens if I focus on something less than awesome and get sad, mad or depressed?" Hey, it happens to all of us - just ride it out - it will end eventually. Cry, yell, take a nap or pet your dog - you will eventually get back to neutral and then you can choose something better to focus on. And that's what yesterday reminded me of so brilliantly. It's hard not to think about momentum when you're 350 feet off the ground going 65 miles per hour. You have no choice but to just let go and ride it out. Thankfully, it was a really fun ride! So, how do you change course when you're focusing on something you don't want to be thinking about? Please share any tips and tricks on our Facebook page. Remember, it's all about shifting your thoughts and choosing what you want to focus on. You have the power to choose happiness! Love and hugs, Emily