Grammy Award winner joins Shift Bars family!!!

"I had to learn what I've got, and what I'm not, and who I am." Jason Mraz

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

And do we at Shift Bars have a lot to be thankful for this year...because we're going into production!!!!!

Grammy Award winner Jason Mraz and his wife, Christina Carano, are our newest investors and we couldn't be more thrilled if we tried.

I met Jason briefly in 2009 backstage at his concert in Indianapolis and was blown away by his positive vibe and dedication to healthy living. He even travelled with his own personal "Joyologist" who was responsible for making him yummy raw foods and keeping him committed to his yoga and meditation practices. Right then, I thought to myself, "This guy gets it."

Flash forward to earlier this year when my dear friend Gina put us in contact about Shift Bars. He and Christina loved the bars and we loved the two of them. I mean, c'mon, how cute are they?!!?

And not only are they beautiful on the outside, they walk their talk:

  • They grow their own organic avocados and coffee - which are amazing, by the way;
  • Jason's songs are like positive affirmations (my nephew would sing his hit "I'm Yours" at the grocery store before he could walk); and
  • He was one of the original investors in my favorite restaurant chain ever, Cafe Gratitude.

So to welcome them into the Shift Bars family is an absolute dream come true.

Jason had this to say about Shift Bars:

"My health matters to me. My body is my instrument, my vehicle, my precious life. I only want to create great conditions for it to thrive. Having Shift Bars now makes it easier to treat my energy and hunger to something delicious while avoiding unnecessary and unwanted sugar. This bar was created out of a need whose time has come. And I am so thankful." 

I'll be keeping you updated as to our exact launch schedule, but I had to share the good news with you right away. You have stuck by us all this time, supporting us and sending us love and well wishes. My gratitude for you has never been deeper.

What are you super thankful for this year? Share it with us on our Facebook page. And to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm Yours, Emily