Go for the moment, not the plan

"The way I see it, you should live every day like it's your birthday." 
Paris Hilton

Yesterday was my birthday. The big 4-1.

41 is one of those birthdays that doesn't seem all that important. The huge milestone was last year. There are no Hallmark cards designed to celebrate someone's 41st year. And for various reasons, my birthday party is tonight, a day after my real birthday.

Instead, yesterday felt more quiet, contemplative, inward. I had lunch with a friend who then took me to see the land she and her husband just bought for their dream home. We hiked the property, saw some wild turkeys, and I came home and took a long nap.

When I woke up, my plans to do something with Lucas didn't work out because I suddenly had to write this message. You see, I had a whole other email ready to go - I was going to send you the link for my TEDx Talk, which I had been told would be ready yesterday.

Only it wasn't.

At first, I was really upset. I had been so excited to send it to you. And I honestly wasn't too jazzed about having to write something new on my birthday.

But then I realized, getting mad isn't going to solve anything. Blaming someone else isn't going to make me feel better. And what if the universe has something planned for me on my birthday that's even better than what I had planned for myself?

Right after I made that internal pivot, the gifts started flowin':

Lucas queued up some Sade on YouTube and we had a romantic impromptu dance party in the living room.

Then two dear friends showed up with flowers, thinking my party was last night.

And then I got to sit down and write to you. And I realized...

...writing to you was my gift.

You, who allow me into your consciousness every Wednesday, are my birthday present.

And my message to you this week is a simple one - forget the plans and focus on the moment.

In that moment of frustration of not being able to send the message I had planned, I felt all my power drain away. Not such a great feeling.

But the second I let go of my plans and my attachment to how I thought things should look, the magic occurred. Because, hey, it was still my birthday and good things should always happen on my birthday!

What if we woke up every morning feeling like we do on our birthdays? Expecting to be surprised and delighted. Open to adventures. Laughing off small disappointments because we don't want to spoil our special day.

I think our lives would start to bloom just like the flowers my friends brought me.

So I invite you to celebrate with me today as if it were your birthday. Because if we believe all this "live in the present moment" stuff, then isn't every day really your birthday?

Happy birthday to you,