Do you think I made a mistake?

Has this happened to you? Your friend (let's call her Sally) mentioned she wants to cut down on sugar so you told her about these cool snacks called Shift Bars that are coming soon. And Sally looked at your funny and said, “What? Did you say Sh!t Bars?!?!” No. They’re called Shift Bars. As in making a shift. But believe me, I understand the confusion. I have probably had to correct that very same misunderstanding a few dozen times since creating Shift Bars. I know they sound somewhat alike- okay, a LOT alike. So why didn’t I choose another name for the bars? Simple. Because I thought long and hard about what I wanted these bars to stand for, what they represented to me and, hopefully, to others. And making a shift was exactly it. I truly feel this is a magical time in human history. We have access to information that wasn't available to presidents just a few decades ago. We understand the importance of not only physical health, but spiritual, emotional, financial and mental health. And there are more of us waking up every day to their true potential. And do most people wake up overnight? Not usually. Of course, there are stories of instant transformation. And I really believe we are always just one thought away from being enlightened- but for most of us, we awaken one step at a time. In other words, we shift. For you maybe it was when you took your first yoga class and realized physical exercise could have a spiritual component. Or maybe it was when you went to a weekend seminar that lit you up and motivated you to be the best possible you. Or maybe you’re like me and did a cleanse that changed how you felt and how you saw the world. Change and growth are why we are here. But for most of us, small shifts are the path. Just one small change applied consistently over the course of time can make a profound difference in your life in the long-term. Like eating less sugar. Over the course of a few days or weeks, you begin to notice your head is clearer, your skin is clearer and your pants fit a bit better. And you think, what else could I shift? How else could my life be even better than it is today? So that is why I stuck with the name. That, and I thought slogans and hashtags like Shift Happens and Eat My Shift would be pretty funny. I, for one, am sick of health being so serious all the time! If we can’t laugh at ourselves, what fun is life anyway? Shift it up, baby, Emily
PS- What shifts have you made in your life that seemed small but really were game-changers? C'mon over to the Facebook page and share your story. I, for one, want to hear and I know there are others interested in your shift!