Are you in the December trap?

"Starting strong is good. Finishing strong is epic." 
Robin Sharma

"I'll get it to you after the holidays..."

"Things are so crazy this time of year..."

"Let's talk about that in January..."

Ever heard or said one of these phrases? I know I have.

It's SO tempting to do the December slide - that tempting time when you can blame procrastination on "the holidays."

I mean hey, people are still in their turkey hangover from Thanksgiving and actively anticipating the why not join the party and take it easy? You deserve it, right?

Don't worry, this post isn't about shaming you for being lazy.

Instead I'm challenging you (and myself!) to see what you can do during this last month of the year to "finish strong" on something that's important to you.

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I remember my high school basketball coach yelling that phrase to us at the end of each practice while he made us run wind sprints (if you've ever done a wind sprint, you know they're not what you want to be doing at the end of a grueling practice).

But those sprints instilled an important truth in me: I always have gas left in the tank. I always have a little bit more I can give when the game's on the line. 

I know you out there parents can relate - how many times have you thought you couldn't go on one more minute without a nap - and yet, you did. That's finishing strong.

Yes, there's a part of me who wants to coast for the rest of 2015. But the bigger part of me is so excited to finally launch Shift Bars that I'm pushing myself to do as much as possible toward that goal in the next few weeks.

Definitely go to holiday parties and enjoy yourself. Yes, you may eat some foods you normally don't, or have a glass of wine while you're there. But just because it's December doesn't mean that we should forget all our goals and go hog wild every night.

Let's face it, there will always be someone who is willing to join us and use the time of the year as an excuse for doing less than their best. You know how far those people get toward their dreams? Not far.

But you will. Because you want more. You're shifting yourself into a higher mode of living. You test yourself to see how far you can go - whether it be in your career, your health, or your relationships.

So by all means, have fun this holiday season. But keep your eye on the goal, because crossing that finish line strong tastes better than anything they're serving at a holiday party. CLICK TO TWEET

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What's your strategy for keeping on track this month? Tell me about it on our Facebook page. Your tip will help out others for sure - that's a gift!
Stretching for the finish line,